Tourist Promoter Takes Drunken Drive Through Store

And it was the BBQ sauce on the car that helped police catch up to the arrest . .

Geoffrey David Langkamp

Police said Geoffrey David Langkamp 28, drove his silver 2007 Toyota FJ through the store’s front doors and through numerous displays, products and other items. Employees discovered the mess shortly before 5 a.m.

Using a hubcap, broken turn signal and other car parts found inside the store, officers visited a Toyota dealership and identified the kind of vehicle involved in the escapade, said police spokesman Phil Penko.

A close inspection of Langkamp’s car revealed glass fragments on the roof that were from the store’s doors, police said. Barbecue sauce that was in one of the store’s displays was slathered on the vehicle’s wheels and door wells.Langkamp told detectives he didn’t remember driving through the store, Penko said.

Langkamp told detectives that he was drinking earlier that night, Penko said.

Langkamp is listed as director of interactive media for, which several years ago began setting up information kiosks for visitors in Cannery Row and other high-traffic attractions.

No one ever said drunks were smart – must be why the dorky looking guy didn’t crawl home and report his SUV being stolen.

Tourist Promoter Takes Drunken Drive Through Store