Weirdo Arrested For Harassing Calls

Once lived in Pacific Grove and worked in a hotel. Creepy looking, eh? The news seems to be picking up on Pacific Grove nut cases. Could it be the start of election season?

Daniel Christopher Leonard

Monterey police said Daniel Christopher Leonard, 32, was arrested by police April 27 in Olympia, Wash. Police are seeking his return to Monterey County to face charges for stalking, making annoying phone calls and possibly making terrorist threats, said Monterey Deputy Chief Phil Penko.

Police say Leonard used a voice-altering device to mask his identity and a caller ID “spoofing” service to make phone calls that were so traumatizing to some people it caused them to quit their jobs, to stop answering their phone and to fear they would be harmed.

“It was pretty vulgar, threatening and sexual innuendo,” Penko said.

Weirdo Arrested For Harassing Calls