Oregon Town Fires Mayor For Racy Pictures

(KATU News)
Small town votes (organized by a person named Miller!) to recall their mayor for posing in her underwear and posting pictures on MySpace. Not as tolerant as Pacific Grove’s residents with their own city councilperson with a racy photo past.

Carmen Kontur Gronquist Calendar

According to the person who spearheaded the recall drive, Ron Miller, the vote was 142 in favor and 139 against the recall of Mayor Carmen Kontur-Gronquist.

She came under fire after she posted photos of herself posed in lingerie on a fire truck on her MySpace page.

But the voters weren’t really just angry about the picture, some said.

Miller said the recall vote was also about some of her decisions as mayor of the small town, located along Interstate 84 between The Dalles and Pendleton in the Columbia River Gorge. That included her management of the city golf course, where she eliminated two positions during the fall and winter. That apparently did not sit well with some of the big golfers in town.

As for Gronquist, she said she is selling a poster of herself on eBay. A portion of the proceeds, she said, will go to the Arlington city ambulance company.

Oregon Town Fires Mayor For Racy Pictures