Bike Race Results – Mayor Still Hates Cars

The Butterfly Criterium returned to Pacific Grove after a 30-year absence. It featured 11 separate races of about 45 minutes.

Hundreds of spectators turned out to watch 250 cyclists compete for a purse of $4,000 cash and a $6,000 worth of prizes.

Pacific Grove Mayor Dan Cort said he understands that shutting down main streets to automobile traffic makes some business owners uncomfortable. But he said he doesn’t think catering only to car-reliant shoppers will contribute to the future vibrancy of the city.

Mayor Cort and his socialist sustainable agenda still wants us all to get rid of our cars. And live in yurts.

Pictures taken at about 1 O’clock. There was hardly any people except participants and vendors. Must have been 1 city worker per 20 people on the street. I call this a bust. Bring back the car shows.

Vibrant? No signs of vibrancy here. The start finish line.
Quiet At The Bike Races 1

Vibrant empty sidewalks
Quiet At The Bike Races 2

A Monarch Caterpillar could safely cross the street.
Quiet At The Bike Races 3

Bike Race Results – Mayor Still Hates Cars