Recently Uncovered Ad Soon To Be Covered Again

Bar owner also objects to Outzenville project because new residential tenants are likely to complain about noise after moving next to a bar.

Bull Durham Carbones

A “Bull” Durham tobacco sign discovered last week on Lighthouse Avenue is likely about 90 years old, University of California archives show.

The sign, on the north wall of Carbone’s Bar at 214 Lighthouse Ave., was uncovered last week when eight decaying structures were demolished.

The “Genuine ‘Bull’ Durham Tobacco” painting is almost identical to a 1925 advertisement from the company, shown in documents collected by the UC San Francisco’s Legacy Tobacco Documents Library.

The building is not on Monterey’s historic register and a planned project will likely cover it up. But residents will probably be able to view it for at least another month or two.

Recently Uncovered Ad Soon To Be Covered Again