Jersey Swimmer Attempts To Swim Across Bay

Let’s give it up to the jellyfish for chasing the yankee away.

A New Jersey man will attempt something on the Central Coast that only one other person is known to have accomplished — a solo swim across Monterey Bay.


On Thursday, Bruckner Chase will jump in the water near the Santa Cruz wharf at 4 a.m. and try to swim roughly 25 miles to Lover’s Point in Pacific Grove.


Chase will have to overcome cold water, whales, jelly fish and sharks if he hopes to complete the swim.

FAIL 8/21

A little after 10 a.m. — more than six hours into his swim — Chase said cold water and jellyfish, which were biting him in the face and arms, got the best of his body and he knew it was time to stop.

Load of BS 8/23
Bruckner Chase appears to be one of the sustainability kooks. Real glad he failed now. Learn about your freedoms being taken away under the cloak of “Sustainability”.
Bruckner Chase

Jersey Swimmer Attempts To Swim Across Bay