Flustered P.G. City Arborist Quits

Ronald Blecha, who had been on the job less than two months, abruptly resigned last week citing a lack of funds to do the job properly and “the abundance of experts” on trees in the city, according to an e-mail sent to the City Council from City Manager Jim Colangelo.

Colangelo said the resignation was unexpected and that there were no signs Blecha was unhappy during a follow-up meeting with the Public Works Department on Thursday.

Arborist quit

Who’s an expert?

City Council candidate David Dilworth said he was concerned about the cutting of trees.

“What was essentially presented to you was a forest-cutting plan, not a forest sustainability plan,” Dilworth said. “We are standing on the threshold of losing the forest.”

Ah – that expert.

Flustered P.G. City Arborist Quits