Business Slow? Re-Route The Tourists

On Tuesday, the City Council approved placing directional signs that would route motorists on Ocean View Boulevard up to Lighthouse Avenue so they could travel through “historic downtown Pacific Grove” on their way to the fabled drive.

The sign would have eastbound drivers hang a left at 17th Street, go up to Lighthouse and turn right, rather than simply go straight and follow Jewell or Pacific avenues to 17-Mile Drive.

Looks like the first plan to send them up Grand fizzled. And what happened here long ago that makes it so historic anyway?

But really. The Pebble Bound tourists are more likely to follow the shoreline to see the true beauty of P.G. What is better to see and stop to look at?

The coastline that is often called “The Poor Man’s 17 Mile Drive”

Shoreline 071121

Magic Carpet 2011

Point Pinos Lighthouse Postcard

Or do the really want the Tourist Trappings like junkyard garbage,

Junk Yard Purse

. . and rusty yard decor.

Miss Trawicks Rusty Yard Decor

What would you choose?

Business Slow? Re-Route The Tourists