Local Pot Pusher Has A Felony Arrest Record?

A Pot Hicary

The owner is trying to win approval by helping to craft laws to allow marijuana sales. Seems that he needs to try and learn a few laws in existence.

If a pot store opens in P.G., lets find another seller. We don’t need another felon with a business do we?

Maniscalco, 26, is due in court at 9:15 a.m. Friday in Salinas for a preliminary hearing on a felony count of possessing and transporting marijuana for sale, stemming from an arrest in December by Monterey police for allegedly sending or receiving marijuana via UPS.

Maniscalco had proposed opening a medical marijuana dispensary in Sand City in September and one at 115 Central Ave. in Pacific Grove in February.

Local Pot Pusher Has A Felony Arrest Record?