P.G. Chamber Of Commerce Painted By Painters From Monterey

What? Are there not any craftsmen that work & live in our town.
Norton Painting Coc

Checked Google for Norton, one of these days. Working out of Monterey.
Norton Painting Google

Checked Yahoo! for Norton. Still says Monterey.
Norton Painting Yahoo

Let your fingers take a¬†walk (street address blurred – that would be uncool since it’s an apartment). Monterey.
Norton Painting Yellow

Someone claiming to be Ted Norton called and left a message peppered with F-words. Click to hear – it’s bleeped.

P.G. Chamber Of Commerce Painted By Painters From Monterey

7 thoughts on “P.G. Chamber Of Commerce Painted By Painters From Monterey

  1. My name is Ted Norton of Norton Painting. I would like to clarify the false statement someone is implying in this vague and irresponsible posting.

    First, and foremost who ever is making this false statement has no idea where I live and they made no attempts to contact me to verify where I am from. I wasn’t approached while working on the job and I was not contacted via the phone

    Second, I am a Pacific Grove resident and have been now for over a year. Prior to that I lived for 5 years on Lyndon Street in Monterey less than ¼ mile from Pacific Grove. However at the time of painting the Chamber building I was a resident of Pacific Grove, for over a year. I maintain a mail box on lighthouse ave as it used to be on my way home, however I make no apologies for maintaining a mailbox there.

    Third, for the last three years as a contractor I have purchased my materials predominantly in Pacific Grove. In June I spent in excess of $3,200 on paint in the Kelly-Moore Store located in the Holman building on Lighthouse Ave.

    Fourth, I was not hired by the chamber of commerce to paint their building. I contacted the chamber of commerce and offered my services, as a member, free of charge. I was not hired and I was not paid for painting the building. In fact the only monetary exchange that took place was between my employees and me. I PAID TO PAINT THE DARN BUILDING!!! ACE HARDWARE ON LOWER FOREST DONATED THE PAINT!!!! The only people paid were my employees out of my own pocket.

    I would like to state once again for the record that I am a Pacific Grove Painting Contractor & Resident. I provide clean, quality service and materials in a timely fashion. I also have references available upon request from Pacific Grove Residents. I even have references from customers on Spruce Street in Pacific Grove where I reside, those would be my neighbors.

    If any Pacific Grove residents or homeowners are interested in contacting a quality painting contractor who is also a resident of Pacific Grove, with a contracting license, bond and insurance please call the number in the posted picture or 831 241-8076. I would be happy to provide you with a free estimate. You can also drive by the Chamber building in Pacific Grove to see my latest work.

    Thank you for reading my response I hope the owner of this board is fair enough not to remove or otherwise censor my posting. Hopefully next time he will come out from behind his keyboard and verify his information first. Don’t believe everything you read on the internet.

  2. One last the contact person for this site is as follows

    David Palmer
    PO Box 795
    Pacific Grove, CA 93950

    I see he operates out of a mailbox too. I also see he has an out of town phone number and would question his location and if he is qualified to speak about what is best for P.G

  3. Welcome to the Internet, Ted.
    When using the Google search engine for your company, your Monterey address pops up. No tricks, no lies. This is how people that are online get information, collect facts and make decisions.

    By putting a sign up, you got advertising, so don’t say you did it for free. I’m open enough to leave your resume posted and let the air clear. Good luck in your business. Maybe you can put some roots down in P.G.

    I thought it ironic that the Chamber has work done by a Monterey based business, just like they hold receptions in Pebble Beach. I don’t think much of the P.G. Chamber O’ Commerce, few locals do.

    David (the admin)

    Update, since Norton was not paid to paint the building I changed the headline. Now that Norton has donated to the COC, he may get referrals (that’s how the system works, I’m told . . ).

  4. It is a matter of fact that you printed this with out verifying the information you printed. I know your not a real journalist, but you play one on the net. A person with journalistic asperations would know the absolute importance of verifying the information they report. YOU CHOSE NOT TO DO THAT!!! All you had to do was call myself or the chamber. With that said your headline that says “pacific grove chamber hires painter from monterey” is a LIE since I was not paid I was not hirred. The chamber was not seeking painters to paint the building as the idea was mine. Again myself and PG Hardware paid to paint the building and you could have found that out if you researched the matter, making jsut one phone call. If you had researched the matter then you could have printed a NICE story about how local ppl are trying to improve the city. However it seems from reading your blog your about negativity making the town look bad. Also by looking on the net searching for david palmer I see you only have a mail box here and you use a phone number with an area code that is not even part of this county let alone PG. so, should I conclude and print that some hate filled person from another county is harming PG by printing negative lies about the people and busines in PG? I guess with your twisted logic I should

    David Palmer is a coward behind a key board that doens’t check his facts before hand and doen’t correct them when called out. That makes you a liar and it makes your blog a fraud of false information.

  5. Favid, on 8/3/08 you said you were pulling this story. first you post the story without doing any research. If you follow the links in your screen shot you would have seen I was a P.G painter.

    The huge blow to any credibilty you had was when you chose to RE-POST the story after removing because it was false.

    You are a coward Mr. Palmer. if that is what your name is…

    at least I use my real name

  6. If getting free advertising in exchange for your service does not denote a payment/barter I’ll need to think of another headline. Until that happens, I’ll pull the story

    That is what I said.

    I thought of another headline. And put it back. I may edit it again, and include a recording of the message you left me, with all the foul language intact to show the public what kind of person you are. Do you talk like that at your customers’ homes?

    You need to calm down, you are getting over-excited about a nothing story on a nothing website.

  7. Checked Google for Norton, one of these days . .

    Checked Yahoo! for Norton
    Let your fingers do the walk (street address blurred – that would be uncool since it’s an apartment).

    research would have required that you actually follow the links that the search engine served up. Going to a library and not opening a book is not studying either.

    the fact you re posted this after taking it down only goes to show you have a grudge againt the city.

    Its a shame you have to live in such a terrible place.

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