Good Old Days Aint What They Used To Be

Complaints have flowed in to Ammar’s office from residents who said the ad was tasteless and inappropriate for something promoting what is billed as a family event in, of all places, America’s Last Hometown.

The chamber’s mailer, which was sent to 12,000 Peninsula residents, features an advertisement depicting a couple lying in bed together, and a caption reads, “Ladies, are you feeling shy about taking it off for your husbands? Feel comfortable again about getting naked!”

“There was nothing about it that jumped out at me at first,” said Ammar. “Then the phone calls came in and I read it more closely. You would hope the ads would be more traditional.”

For the record, another ad inside the mailer depicts the backside of a naked woman sitting on a skateboard, with the upper half of her “backside” exposed.


68 Skate Ad

Frigid Lady
That’s one sad looking fat lady. You don’t see starving orphans in food ads or smelly drunks in beer ads, why do they use a sad fat person in a diet ad?

Good Old Days Aint What They Used To Be