June Diver Down Roundup

Be safe, dive with a buddy.

Frank Sunset

According to the Monterey Fire Department, the diver reportedly went missing into the bay around 11 Sunday morning. Authorities say the diver’s truck is parked at the San Carlos Beach parking lot. Officials say they found a flashlight in the water, but it’s unknown if it belongs to the missing man

June 21 – Body of diver recovered from beach

The Monterey County Coroner’s Office has been called to San Carlos Beach to retrieve a drowning victim who may be the diver reported missing Sunday night.

“To be honest, I don’t know how anybody would be able to make an ID that quickly. I don’t know the condition of the body,” said Sonne, who had just spoken with a sergeant at the scene who reported the coroner had just arrived.

The drowning victim was discovered by other divers floating in a kelp bed about 30 yards off shore Friday morning. Sonne said he was in diving gear, minus his tanks.

The family of a Marin County man reported him missing Sunday night. Police found his car parked at San Carlos Beach and his flashlight underwater, but could not locate him and called off the search Monday.

June 24 – Lone diver dies at Breakwater Cove

Albert Reed MacKay, 43, of Yuba City, Calif., was diving about 25 feet underwater when something went wrong.

Nearby divers found MacKay, pulled him up to the surface, dragged him out of the ocean, and started CPR at 3:30 p.m. He was pronounced dead at the Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula.