Chamber Of Commerce Story 2, Slow News Week

Moe Ammar Dont Buy American

Make sure businesses are ready for major events that come to Pacific Grove. Refer visitors to events, places and businesses in town. Emphasize environmentally friendly events.

“Now we know who is in charge of what. We’ve met each other. Now we’ve got to work together,” chamber president Moe Ammar said after the two-hour meeting, which had a 27-member panel and 40 people in the audience. The panel included people from the hospitality industry, arts community and city officials.

Ammar, who has led the chamber for 18 years, said he holds the gatherings when the economy slips. The last such event was 10 years ago.

He last held any marketing summit a decade ago and has not noticed the economy since then? The best idea I think is to find a new Chamber Of Commerce leader.

As people described their organization’s events, Frutchey said there were some festivities he wasn’t aware of and suggested a master calendar for Pacific Grove events.

Great, we have a come-here City Manager that does not know about the quirky civic events in P.G., or what resources to turn to and find out.

It is the economy. Need to emphasize value for the dollar, which admittedly P.G. has very little of.

Chamber Of Commerce Story 2, Slow News Week