Chamber Of Commerce Story 1, Slow News Week

Forgive KSBW for the poor fact checking, there must not be enough gang stories in Salinas to report on.

The building is on Central Avenue well into the P.G. city limits. After reading about how much the restaurant tried to keep it’s current location, the perception is that the property owner is a friend of Moe and nothing could make them consider any other use of the property.

Plus $125,000 of the taxpayer’s money is going toward this turkey.

Baghdad Moe

The Pacific Grove Chamber of Commerce is making a move to the China Garden Restaurant on Lighthouse Avenue after 75 years on Central Avenue.

Moe Ammar, of the Pacific Grove Chamber of Commerce, said a lot of research went into finding a new home where there was a lot of car and foot traffic.

Last week, the Pacific Grove City Council approved to have a portion of the money from the city’s hotel tax to pay for the tourist information center, which will cost about $125,000.

The chamber will continue to keep some of its administrative offices in its old building.

Chamber Of Commerce Story 1, Slow News Week

2 thoughts on “Chamber Of Commerce Story 1, Slow News Week

  1. Moe does nothing for the City of PG.
    Aside from create brainless, non-value ideas and drive business out.
    $125K to fix up the China Garden restaurant? – BS. We’re all being taken for a ride.
    I guess it pays to be one of Moe’s buds.
    Plus Chamber gets to keep their original location too. Why couldn’t we vote for this? I’m sure if this was on the ballot, Pagrovians would have said ” HELL NO, MOE”

    Absolutely disgusted.

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