4 thoughts on “Sustainable Fire Hazard & Eyesore

  1. These same slovenly Sustainable PG members have been lobbying to have an exhibit at the PG Museum. Now that they (the foundation operating the museum) have ripped out the monarch butterfly, hanging condor, biodiversity, Native American, and children’s hands-on exhibits without replacing them (these exhibits cost the citizens well over $150,000 and some of them were 5 or so years old)it might be nice to see some new exhibits replace them. It is unbelievable that a town that promotes itself as Butterfly Town, USA doesn’t have a monarch exhibit at its natural history museum.

    But we do have a new desk for yet another foundation employee (not a volunteer) to sit & coerce the public into putting entry fee “donations” into the squid till at the desk. The museum is supposed to be free–but if you didn’t know that you’d think there was an entry fee the way their fliers and lobby are set up.

    But what’s important? A sustainable exhibit?????

  2. If you talk to PGFD about it, they would have the property cleaned up. I would think they would notice it being a couple hundred feet away.

  3. Here is the contraption on the 21st
    Fog Catcher

    This is how much water is in the 55 gallon drum, a bit over a third. Looks purty nasty.
    caught fog

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