Pollacci In Jail

Jordan Thomas Pollacci

No, not Tommy. Another Pollacci, this one is his son Jordan and he was popped for break ins in P.G. Nuts don’t fall far from the tree.

Jordan Thomas Pollacci was arrested and booked into jail Wednesday and is being held on $80,000 bail.

Pollacci is suspected in the burglary of a house Jan. 4 and an apartment Feb. 15, police said. The break-ins happened near Lighthouse Avenue and 17 Mile Drive, police said.

Pollacci In Jail

3 thoughts on “Pollacci In Jail

  1. The probably is heroin/oxycontin… that’s the reason all these kids are breaking into house around here recently. Sad stuff

  2. I didn’t know that in the U.S. that a child could be considered guilty because of blood relations—a bit of the son being tried for the sins of the father? Didn’t the child’s mother live at Lighthouse and 17th St? I guess kids shouldn’t visit mom—they might be suspected of breaking and entering. Look deeper, people…this could be a witch hunt of a family (or, anyone with the last name of Pollacci—for shame).

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