Moammar Cheers For New Businesses Open On Lighthouse

And now wants to sweep the Farmers Market someplace else.

Moe Ammmarkidaffy

Four of five vacant storefronts on Lighthouse are filled – lessee, we have another art gallery, another nail shop and another one of those stores full of stuff no one wants but would buy as a gift to someone. The first ex-Business Center is still vacant but shows signs of something happening. Hallmark has been vacant for like 3 years.

Moe Ammar, president of the Pacific Grove Chamber of Commerce, is seeing signs that the downtown economy is turning around.

Since the first of the year, five of the six vacancies on Lighthouse Avenue have been filled, leaving only the old Hallmark location empty.

Four of the five spots were filled by merchants who already have businesses in Pacific Grove, Ammar said.The chamber hired retired banker Michael Adamson last fall as business development coordinator, and he was responsible for filling three of the spots.

Moammar Cheers For New Businesses Open On Lighthouse

1 thought on “Moammar Cheers For New Businesses Open On Lighthouse

  1. How nice. I guess Mo’s six figure salary and Mercedes SUV is treating him well as he drives back and forth on Lighthouse Ave. to rant about how few empty buildings are left. I guess he never drives up Forest, Central, or any other streets. We still don’t have a copy center and I don’t think that a nail salon or some other crap store is gonna drive people to PG. Maybe they could advertise how quiet, uncrowded and slow the town is, a nice place for those with anxiety and PTSD. Plus, we’ll get a medical cannabis dispensary soon, another big tax payer for PG.

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