Wither Oh Willys Smokehouse

Willys Smokehouse

This excellent establishment that served us carnivores well is no longer with us. Sorry to see it shut, it was one of the few reasons that drew me to the ‘Row. Especially pleasurable was seeing Midwest rubes be seated, look at the menu and then head for the door. My kind of place.

At least we still have had Henry’s BBQ. Very recommended, I mean a combo platter with FOUR different meats comes in at $18. That’s $3 less than a plate a noodles at Joe Rombi!

6 thoughts on “Wither Oh Willys Smokehouse

  1. Chicken House on Forest is pretty good BBQ. The brisket – to die for.

  2. I used to work at these premises in 1966/67 when they were FLORA’S SALON/O’KANE’S WAREHOUSE.I made the 4 -bit buffet lunch at Flora’s,was also part -time janitor and occasional bartender at both establishments.Clint Eastwood and Kim Novak sometimes dropped in!!Ruth Crews was the resident singer at the warehouse.

  3. Us L.A. bloggers should meet for an eat and greet!
    Anyone interested?

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