96 Year Old Woman Beaten To Death In P.G.

Around eight last night, Pacific Grove Police responded to a medical emergency on the 2800 block of Forest Hill Boulevard. When Officers arrived, they found 96-year-old Charlotte Danvers lying on the floor, badly beaten. Police say she suffered traumatic injuries and died earlier this morning. Bill Speacht lives next door to the Danvers and he says this comes as a shock to the whole neighborhood.

“We did hear some screaming before and things like that, but I mean it wasn’t like a common occurrence, and that’s what I told police,” says Bill Speacht.

Police arrested Danvers’ daughter, 63-year-old Jean Danvers. Officers charged her with homicide and she was booked into the Monterey County Jail today. Neighbors say they didn’t know the family well.


Jean Danvers

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96 Year Old Woman Beaten To Death In P.G.

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