Cannery Row History Signs Ripped Off

Just like poachers after abalone, them signs pry right off.

Cannery Row guard

“We don’t know,” Adams said about the thieves “if they are collectors or malicious vandals.”


The Business Improvement District, in partnership with the city, the Cannery Row Business Association, Monterey Bay Aquarium and InterContinental The Clement Monterey hotel, has put up informational plaques, murals and ceramic recreations of the row’s cannery labels of fish that were important to Monterey Bay’s seafood industry. A series of banners depicts historic row figures and selected quotes from Steinbeck’s works.


The Clement hotel built a walkway that gives pedestrians free access to the ocean side of the hotel and the rear of the Pacific Biological Laboratory, where Ed Ricketts plied his trade as a collector of marine specimens. Tiles showing each of the canneries’ labels have been placed in sidewalks where the canneries once operated.

Cannery Row History Signs Ripped Off

2 thoughts on “Cannery Row History Signs Ripped Off

  1. Maybe you missed them. There are couple, including a portrait of Ed Ricktts by fitzgerald. Good to hear tyou were able to see the insides. did you go on a guided your?

    Herb Behrens

  2. If you walk behind The Clement, on the rec trail, you can get a huge blast of hot air from their dryers sometimes. Interesting picture you got there of Doc’s Lab. It’s actually a secret & thus, has no sign to identify it. I have been in it several times.

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