Deborah King Sent To Mental Hospital Instead Of Court

Deborah King
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The young father was picking up his son, Jacob, in front of Pacific Grove Middle School Sept. 2, 2008, when Deborah King allegedly ran him down in her BMW SUV. Though she was arrested and later charged with murder and gross vehicular manslaughter, King has yet to face a trial.


But that doesn’t sit well with Summer Coe, a good friend of the Woods family, who believes King — with five previous DUI convictions on her record — should pay for her fatal error.


“I am outraged that she has yet to face any charges,” Coe said. “It seems that she kind of got away with playing the victim card, where someone else might have been held accountable.”

Going to Patton State Hospital. Does not sound like a cakewalk..

L.A. Times 12/10/2008:

At least one psychiatrist at Patton said he believed conditions have worsened during the period of federal oversight, in part because of a sharp increase in demand for documentation that he says has left clinicians less time for patient care.


“Everyone is so fatigued doing paperwork,” said the psychiatrist, who asked not to be named out of fear it could jeopardize his job. “The assault rate has increased.”

Data posted on the website of the state Department of Mental Health show there have been recent increases in patient-on-patient aggression resulting in major injury as well as increases in the number of self-inflicted major injuries.

Deborah King Sent To Mental Hospital Instead Of Court