Where Have All The Pine Cones Gone?

Squirrel Pine Cone

No, not eaten by squirrels. Someone has stolen all the copies in town, possibly to hide the story about Tom Pollacci being arrested for rape.

The entire paper can be downloaded – http://www.pineconearchive.com/downloads090313.htm

And remember – don’t show your I.D. to sex offenders.

Where Have All The Pine Cones Gone?

13 thoughts on “Where Have All The Pine Cones Gone?

  1. So is Thomas Pollaci the guy at Ron’s Liquors with the beard and mustache? Or is he the cool laid back, chubby bald guy?

  2. No, he wears a hat & hasn’t been there for a long time. If you shop there you are paying for his legal defense. Don’t shop there or the Cork & Bottle.

  3. Plenty of Pine Cones in Carmel Valley. Enjoyed breakfast at the Running Iron and spotted them in the rack there..

  4. First off to the indivdual who has started this email boycott of Ron Liquors is complete nonsense. Where do you get off punishing the entire family for one person actions. Tom is not the owner of Ron Liquors. It Ron. Ron Liquors has proudly served the town of P.G. for almost 40 years. Secondly last time I checked the law, people in this country one of the most progressive in the world are innocent until proven quilty. If you want to lock people up without a trial move to China. I am not defending Tom just think before a bunch of local cops try to create a career for themselves we look at the facts first.

  5. Tom Pollacci can “proudly serve” the next 40 years behind bars, where he belongs. And many thanks to the Pollacci family for keeping a registered sex offender behind the counter all these years.

    Yes, a boycott of their stores (see below) is a fine idea indeed, although I’ve been doing it for years anyhow.

    Boycott the following:
    Cork N’ Bottle at 1112 Forest Ave. P.G.
    Ron’s Liquors at 613 Lighthouse Ave. P.G.
    Ron’s Liquors in Carmel at San Carlos and 7th.

  6. No Pine Cones at 7:00 tonight, must be another sold out edition.

    And there is no mention of the Pollacci Arrested For Rape story whatsoever in that chamber mouthpiece, the Hometown Bull.

  7. well here it go’s again
    i was agreeing with on of the other readers of this blog. not sure where the blog went?. I have been in this town for 30 years and yes Thomas does have a colorful past(we ALL knew) but he did his time for the other mishap and you all are making it worse for the family his family has nothing to do with him. Boycotting these stores is not the thing to do let the attorney’s handle it and as for Dave and his afair and Rona with the nose job I am positive you all know someone who has done the same so they are no different than you or I

  8. Cowgirl
    Stories on the blog are pushed back as new ones appear. Hit the ‘next page’ link until you find it, or click the month archive link for one big page of stories from the month.

    As for the boycotts – ehhhh, the family that is taking heat was an enabler in my opinion. Somewhat responsible I think.

  9. What is his past? Regardless if he has already done his time or not… what was it. A sex offence?

  10. admin… you are so damn stupid… how is the family responsible for someone else’s decisions? i hate you all in this town…

  11. according to Jack 3-6-09 it was consensual through a written Affidavit so who’s business is it anyway so there is some good in all of this

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