Would YOU Show Your I.D. To A Registered Sex Offender?

Think about it ladies – a registered sex offender could be looking at YOUR name & address when you buy alcohol or tobacco at Ron’s Liquors.

Pollacci Parking For Rape Victims

Police tracked down Pollacci after he reportedly left the woman at Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula with a head injury. In the following months, they gathered evidence — including having forensics specialists sweep the Lighthouse Avenue liquor store where he works — and interviewed the victim, who is not from the area.

Neither officers, nor the district attorney’s office, would reveal any further details of the case. Pollacci, who police said is a registered sex offender, is set to appear in a Salinas courtroom at 1:30 p.m. Tuesday, March 24, for his arraignment

Interesting screenshot obtained via email. One does get to wonder what the circumstances are to have this removed from the Megan’s Law pages.

Tom Pollacci Sex Offender

Would YOU Show Your I.D. To A Registered Sex Offender?

38 thoughts on “Would YOU Show Your I.D. To A Registered Sex Offender?

  1. In regards to presenting ID there,
    It gives one the eebie jeebies just thinking about that.

  2. BEWARE Of Tom Pollacci Owner Of Ron’s Liquors
    (Who Man’s the counter DAILY)
    Ron’;s Liquors
    613 Lighthouse Ave
    Pacific Grove, CA 93950
    (831) 373-1686

    I am a local resident of Pacific Grove and I am very concerned that the locals are not fully aware of this man Thomas Pollacci who owns Ron’s Liquor on Lighthouse ave. This man has 3 charges of rape and is a registered SEX offender and is currently waiting arraignment in Salinas on March 24th 2009. Women are showing there ID’s to him when they go into Ron’s Liquor to buy alcohol and such and that is VERY dangerous. Why are all the Pine Cones gone from PG? I cant find one anywhere… Could he or someone he knows be taking them all to hide what kind of a person he is? Is he afraid of hurting his business? Why is this not a HUGE deal to PG? Is the town of PG hurting to bad to mention this, in fear of bad business? The farmers market is centered right in front of Ron’s Liquor where he works all the time. I really think this should be talked about!! This is un safe for families and all women. I’m afraid and everyone should know about him and notified that he is a DANGERIOUS MAN. I have attached links below… Can we get this on the news right away?


    Thank you for your time
    Would YOU Show Your I.D. To A Registered Sex Offender? Think about it ladies – a registered sex offender could be looking at YOUR name & address when you buy alcohol or tobacco at Ron’s Liquors.

  3. I’m not shopping there.

    Odd, people refused to shop in PG because of one store not selling ice cream to the military, but they don’t give a fig newton about what Ron’s did.

    Perhaps the market isn’t slowing business down there, but having a registered sex offender son is?

  4. Correct, don’t even think of showing your ID there ladies. Dave, Tom’s brother, and fellow slime bag stalked a married female patron while minding the store on Lighthouse Ave. She eventually married him, no accounting for taste but the moral of this story is, these dirt bags don’t have any! I don’t know why anyone shops there.

  5. I have referred to Tom as my stalker for years. He is one of the scariest men I have encountered in my life. He stalked me more than one hundred miles away and I have feared him since. I bet there are hundreds of women who have the same story as I have seen him at many public social events since then. He is a creep and his family has been aware of it for years. I know this.

  6. AAAAAHHHHHHHH! everyone in this town sucks so much ! Worse town in America, by faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar

  7. I was victimized by this person in 1996. I am glad he surrendered to the police. With all the history we know about Pollaci, it would be great if he would hold himself accountable for how much pain he inflicted. I carried the bruises he gave me for a week. Could not talk about it to anyone, so deeply did his rape affect my psyche. I’m glad someone spoke up.

    Polacci gave only what he knew, unhappily and with anger. Still, no excuses for actually hurting/damaging women repeatedly. How many lives took a different direction because of him? How many of us took a nose dive into trauma?

    Actions create consequences. I’m glad they finally caught up with Polacci. I wish him self-awareness and strength to change for the better.

    Walking in the Light….

  8. i was also abused by this “person” in the past. He tried manipulating his way into my life by knowing things about me, which at first was flattering. Turns out he had listened in on a personal conversation I had with a friend, by hiding nearby. That’s part of what makes Pollacci so frightening and dangerous
    If you looked up the word “evil” in a dictionary it would show his face. There are at least 6 other women I know of that have been date raped and/or continually harrassed by this person. I’m astonished it has taken this long for him to be arrested. I can’t wait for him to go to prison so he can be some big guys “bitch”

  9. i work in the neighborhood where Polacci has his store. Others in the neighborhood have long known that Polacci is a pervert. We sometimes watch from our windows while he accosts females on the sidewalk outside his store. We boycotted his store some time ago because of his sexually suggestive comments and innuendos. He has had several rape incidents in his past.

  10. ok so if your stalking Thomas through your window’s how can you hear or even know what he is doing so you are assuming whats going on (as far as the whole town is assuming what went on ) no onw really knows and as far as Several Rape incidents I believe it was 1 and was a Sexual Assaults not Rape according to the court records so get your story straight this town really is closed minded he is a man who not only lives outloud and has the nerve to say what he feels…

  11. ok fog who made you judge and jury were you part of the alleged crime or in the room with thees two adults what makes you an expert in this ( here say of anther) HUH? sounds like you neet to get some facts also…and ya I am mad……..and this whole town

  12. “One does get to wonder what the circumstances are to have this removed from the Megan’s Law pages.”

    Indeed, no doubt daddy’s money was used to conceal from the public/Ron’s clients that a rapist was running a store in our community.

    Maintain the boycott against this family which has “served” this community so well!

    Boycott the following:
    Cork N’ Bottle at 1112 Forest Ave. P.G.
    Ron’s Liquors at 613 Lighthouse Ave. P.G.
    Ron’s Liquors in Carmel at San Carlos and 7th.


  14. Facts…
    He is a registered sex offender and is now in trouble again for another sex crime. If he did it or not, he’s still a sex offender who is looking at ID’s and that is wrong. Here, here to the boycotting. Sorry to his family but this is not his 1st offence and they are enabling him. Maybe that silver spoon spoiled him rotten.

  15. By the way,
    I love this blog. Its honest and real… expect Tom or his friends that defend him on here. He must pay to have friends

  16. you sir, are a piece of ****, just as bad as Tom Pollaci, and everybody else in this @ssbackwards town.

  17. As much as this Di9 character claims to hate P.G. and “everybody else” in the town, he/she seems pretty obsessed with Pacific Grove and Tom Pollacci. I’ve got a recommendation Mr./Mrs. Di9 … take your meds already.

  18. I have to take drugs just to stay sane in this sea of insanity. just living in this completely shi**y tourist trap of a town and having to deal with morons like yourself on the daily has seriously made me despise everybody in this town and everything that it stands for.

    go eat a bag full of dix

  19. I agree, Di9 is tedious and inane.

    Sorry Di9, you’re just going to have to go look up inane, so put down that bowl of Fruit Loops already and get to it.

    PS, I went out on a limb in hoping that you know what tedious means? Don’t let me down!

  20. I don’t know Foghorn, I think he’ll let you down. Then again, I suppose that’s part of Di9’s charm, right?

    Di9: Another recommendation for ya, mate: Move out of town. I’m sure there’s a suitable place for you in rural Arkansas or Greenland maybe. (No offense to those locations). And since you’re so fixated on Pollacci, you should hook up with him … I’ve heard he’s single. Enjoy.

  21. where dose it say that Thomas was convicted of rape any one can accuse or pass judgment on anyone if you look into his offenses it will show sexually battery NOT RAPE i think your all Fixated on him let the courts handle it you are not the judge and jury

  22. Cowgirl!
    Give your mouse a rest, please quit spamming the blog with the copious copies of the same post. Say it once and I take it into consideration as part of the discussion. Say it multiple times and go the way of the spammers.

  23. I think Tommy is going to do time on this one. It is bittersweet. No one really wins. A woman raped, Tommy does time. The beat goes on. Vincent

  24. Well, look as though the hearing was in Tommy favor not having him give up his Passport and waited for another date on calender to see about the higher bail so time will tell what happens next….

  25. good job Mr. Liu, thanks again Tommy can spend the time with all of his family during this unfortunate times. so back off people and let the courts decide (You are NOT the Judge and Jury as you all may think you are) none of you REALLY know anything about this situation. its all talk and here say

  26. Everyone has a right to a fair and balanced hearing. We are not judge and jury. Let the courts decide Tom’s fate, not us. Everyone makes mistakes, and don’t deserve to have to pay for them forever. Whatever he did or didn’t do, is not for us to say. It is for the judge and jury to decide. I’ve known him for almost 10 yrs. and he has changed. He doesn’t own that store, so why punish his family. That family has served this community for years! They pay taxes and are upstanding inviduals. They should not have to pay for whatever their son may or may not have done. He’s innocent until proven guilty!

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