When Moe Gives Advice, Ignore It

Moe Ammar Dont Buy American

Chamber Of Commerce is actually discouraging people to take advantage of all the empty stores? Yet something as out there as a picture frame shop is thriving..

Pacific Grove Chamber of Commerce President Moe Ammar said the business climate is particularly challenging, and he discouraged more than a few would-be entrepreneurs from launching a business because of timing.

Still, there are small-business owners such as Gobel who are finding ways to flourish. Some are launching first-time ventures. Others with established businesses are finding opportunities in expansion and acquisition.

When Moe Gives Advice, Ignore It

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  1. They just gave Adventures by the Sea a ‘best service’ award. Thing is, ABS hasn’t been open for 5 months (Only pay rent to PG if they are open, is that a rip off of us?). ABS also vacated their business at 17 mile drive & Sunset…..Next award, ‘most customer attention,’ for Ron’s Liquors?

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