Pacific Grove Good Old Days Photos, 2008

While checking the mail, I took a stroll up and down The Street. The weather was real warm this year. Not much pizazz, the usual high cost carnival goods and a few distinct items.

Cheap Eats
GOD Cheap Food

Expensive Shirt
God 69 Dollar Shirt

Expensive Hats
God Expensive Hat

Expensive Slippers
God Expensive Slippers

Expensive Kid Dresses
God Expensive Tie Dye Dres

Tighty Tiedyes
God Expensive Tie Dye Undies

Junk Metal made into art trinkets (several booths were selling these)
God Junk Metal

Junk Metal that still looks like junk metal. And sharpie on cardboard box art.
God Junk Metal 2

Like Posters, only more expensive.
God Like Poster

Like Skateboards, only uhh nailed to the walls
God Like Skateboard

Too many dogs
God Dogs

Too many people to have obstructing signs in the walkway
God Road Blockage

For those that have searched the far reaches of the earth for a melted beer bottle, and only from Key West (Florida, I presume)
God Flat Bottles

Where’s the Zantac? (oh, all the pharmacies downtown are gone)
GOD Fried Fries

For the hippies that don’t use much, Soap By The Slice
God Soap By The Slice

Recycle Exhibit in tossing distance from Hollys’ trash overflowing.
GOD Recycle Or Not

Climb The Giant Terd/Turd (getting a lot of fluff on the spelling – I say that terd is less offensive – kind of humorous to misspell. I deliberately chose the misspelling even after Firefox warned me, just to not become another floater in the Google searches for scatology).
God Doody

I’m outta here
God North

Pacific Grove Good Old Days Photos, 2008

7 thoughts on “Pacific Grove Good Old Days Photos, 2008

  1. I bought a straw cowboy hat cost me $20

    A cute guy picked me up – he liked the hat!

    Money well spent…

    The bands were good especially Cullan’s hounds and the partial show of Red Beans and Rice, hot weather, pretty decent grub and my sippy cup full of Margarita, it was all good!

  2. What’s the problem with the dogs?

    Crowds, food, children. Just don’t think they need to be there.

  3. Yeah, what’s with the too many dogs comment? The more the merrier, if you ask me.

  4. Comment from: Zuzu Petals
    Yeah, what’s with the too many dogs comment? The more the merrier, if you ask me.

    Can I bring my pet donkey? My snake? A mountain lion?

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