Phil Bowhay Writes – Pacific Grove Prohibition

It all started way back in yesteryear when the Puritans put their mark on our Piney Paradise. I’m not sure what prompted the City Council to change history, but I suspect it was influenced by the Episcopalians and the Catholics. Somehow communion just wasn’t the same with grape juice.

My mother explained to me that wine in the Bible was not the same as wine today, and even if it was, Jesus said a little wine was good for the stomach.

Now, with a little experience, I realize that Mom was passing on what she had learned from her Congregational heritage and didn’t really know what she was talking about. In later years, she preferred a good Manhattan and there was no mention of that in the Bible. I might add that after 1969, there was very little stomach trouble in Pacific Grove.

Great story, I can vouch very true.

It was part of what kept the town small, and the wino tourists away. I wonder how many votes a council/mayor candidate would get running on a prohibition platform?

Phil Bowhay Writes – Pacific Grove Prohibition