Searles Art Supplies Paints A Picture Of Closed

Held on in tough times for 5 years. Was the foolish MST project a contributor to the final straw?


The nail in the coffin for Searle, he said, was the construction of Monterey-Salinas Transit’s JAZZ line bus stops last year. He said snarled traffic kept customers away.

MST general manager Carl Sedoryk said Monday afternoon they never heard from Wiseman during construction and noted Searle has its own parking lot and no construction took place in front of it.

He did say, however, that traffic was likely backed up in front of Wiseman’s store.

“I’m sorry to see such a long-standing member of the retail community has not been able to make it,” Sedoryk said. “I’m not certain what role though our project, if any, really had on that decision.”

Sedoryk said no claims against the transit district had been filed by Lighthouse Avenue businesses.

Searles Art Supplies Paints A Picture Of Closed