Ex Tree Posse Turned Seal Posse Responds To Losin' Susan

P.G. Newcomer Akeman has a new calling against humans – watching seals and blocking access to the beach.

Tom Acheman

I may not know all the definitions of vigilante, but I believe Susan Goldbeck used the term erroneously in a guest commentary in Thursday’s Herald. She was concerned about efforts to protect harbor seals and the babies they have each spring on Pacific Grove beaches.

The city applied its policy this month when the first baby seal in known history was born at Lovers Point. After mom and pup were spotted on Sunday morning, city police asked Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary’s Bay Net docents to provide a human presence at Lovers Point. Public Works brought barricades and yellow tape; the Marine Mammal Center brought signs.

Ex Tree Posse Turned Seal Posse Responds To Losin’ Susan