Final Snow In The Park (and this time we really mean it)

What will Moe turn it into and call it then? Stilwell’s Art Sale In The Park?

Caledonia Snow In Park

Stilwell’s Snow in the Park at Caledonia Park on Saturday will be the last such event with snow, said Chamber of Commerce president Mo Ammar.

“We will continue the event in the future,” he said, “but there will be no snow.”

Final Snow In The Park (and this time we really mean it)

9 thoughts on “Final Snow In The Park (and this time we really mean it)

  1. Just another line of crap that Moe decides to shove down all of our throats. BTW why does the city continue to give hundreds of thousands of dollars to both PG Chamber as well as the Monterey County Visitor and Convention Bureau based on all the tax dollars raised in OUR city!?! We could spend that money for snow next year!!! or the butterfly parade or chat. celebration, or something that the citizen decide, not what Moe decides.
    Did you see his new t-shirt scheme?! ridiculous. I will purposefully NOT go to anyone that decides to advertise on Moe.

  2. First they cancel the Feast of Lanterns at Lover’s Point (that sideshow at the Middle School this year was a pathetic joke) now no Snow In The Park. What’s next?

  3. Old Days. It’s kind of ridiculous. 220 vendors, most of them are outside vendors too. I believe that Mommar kept the Farmer’s Market from having outside vendors. Why would he do that when he does the same thing for himself? It’s like 220 vendors x $280 = a lot of $$. That money goes to the Chamber….. (It’s usually around $100,000 per year).

  4. Gee, the cost of the snow is only about 10% of Moe’s fat salary. I guess those payments on that Mercedes SUV have taken their toll. PG looks pretty bleak but we still have the library open a few hours per week and another benefit shop has opened.

  5. Not to sound picky, but none of the Chamber’s events ever include any information on ADA access. Took me 6 years just to fight with Mommar to get the Chamber office accessible. Miller’s brother did it for free. Funny thing is that even though you can get to the door now, you can’t maneuver inside, as it hasn’t been remodeled to fit.

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