Pebble Beach “Art Theft” Victims Lawsuit Thrown Out

Ready for another chapter. C’mon you two we are all waiting..

Christopher Cayce, the men’s attorney, argued that comments to the media by the Sheriff’s Office, which suggested that Kennaugh and Amadio were involved in insurance fraud or some other criminal enterprise, were such “egregious lies” that they amounted to criminal fraud.

He asked the court not to allow the Sheriff’s Office “use immunity for criminal conduct.”

Shapiro countered that Cayce was making “wonderful arguments not supported by the facts.”

The men claimed in the suit that the Sheriff’s Office didn’t seriously investigate the art theft, but instead sought to discredit Amadio because he was involved with the daughter of a man with influential ties to the department.

Shapiro said he will file a motion seeking that the men pay for the county’s attorney fees.

Cayce said, “It will be appealed.” He said he wasn’t surprised by the court’s ruling.

Pebble Beach “Art Theft” Victims Lawsuit Thrown Out

3 thoughts on “Pebble Beach “Art Theft” Victims Lawsuit Thrown Out

  1. Could be the real motivation – were people thinking that Amadio was gay and the had to keep bringing up the fact that he was “in a relationship” with a female?

  2. Amadio is as gay as the day is long. Puhleez. News videos of him flouncing about are a laugh riot. Check em out really. So their NIGHT SCHOOL LAWYER put on a real show it says. Devoid of facts, but whatever. I love the part of Amadio’s story where he installs a climate control system in a RENTAL U-HAUL so a friend can drive his 80 mil worth of artwork across the US through the desert to California. Can’t trust those insured climate control art shippers now can you? His specially designed humidity control system must have been a doozey. His driver slipped and said there wasn’t one. Oopsey did he say he designed one? Oh that was on his other truck. Yeah his other rental truck, yeah. I wonder what Amadio is paying for his legal fees with.

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