It’s Exotic Car Week, Push The M.G. Out To The Street

and put a “For Sale” sign on it. A fool and his money . . .

Carfax Report

In a July 6 lawsuit, Bellevue, Wash., resident Todd Lozier claims RM Auctions and Monterey Auction Co. misrepresented the 1968 Shelby GT500 KR fastback when it was placed up for auction at the Monterey Conference Center Aug. 14, 2009.

Lozier contends the car is worth between $30,000 and $50,000 less than he paid for it. The engine block, transmission and other parts were not properly date-code stamped and rather bear dates “that prove they are not original and do not belong on this vehicle,” Lozier’s lawsuit says.

If this fool was willing to part with $100,000 on an old car, why didn’t he get a CarFax or something. Pay a mechanic to look at it. Heck get an uncle that knows more about cars than the car crazy rich guy does. I side with the auction house on this one.

It’s Exotic Car Week, Push The M.G. Out On The Street

1 thought on “It’s Exotic Car Week, Push The M.G. Out To The Street

  1. Been there done that on a smaller scale, and about time people stand up to these high end auction houses. They make very specific representations about values and facts. Most the time you can’t drive the car or have it checked out either. Car Fax won’t say a thing about matching numbers on a drivetrain. Someone has to be accountable for marketing lies that can’t be verified in an auction setting, if that’s what happened?

    If this dude bought this car based on specific representations and those turned out to be false, then justice should somehow prevail from the auction house or the Seller.

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