Will We See “Water Menus” Next To Wine Lists?

This L.A. transplant couple thinks so.

In a town where there is “water, water everywhere, nor any drop to drink,” Naomi and Raymond Del Toro have opened Fine H20, Luxury by the Liter in Carmel-by-the-Sea. Sporting dozens of the world’s purest drinking waters, the couple has elevated water to the echelon of lifestyle libations.

By mid-May, the couple plans to widen their distribution via their website and is already looking into additional boutique locations. “Carmel was an ideal place to start,” said Raymond. “It is a tourist destination with an international reach, and the people who live here are already committed to a healthy lifestyle based on this beautiful location, an artistic aesthetic and healthy eating.”

And because there are enough gullible people that will shell out $5 for 2 cups of water.

Will We See “Water Menus” Next To Wine Lists?

2 thoughts on “Will We See “Water Menus” Next To Wine Lists?

  1. Give me a bottle of Clicquot and a pack of Marlboro lights any day.
    Water – you can keep it. Unless it’s going in with my Glenfiddich. Forget it.

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