Replace Deb ‘Bankrupt’ Lindsay

To fill Lindsay’s seat, Frutchey suggested the council follow the procedure used to choose Huitt and Cuneo from among 15 candidates who applied: Allow them to make short presentations about their interest and qualifications at the June 2 meeting, and respond to questions posed by the council. The order of presentation would be determined by lot.

The coin toss comes to mind, since the town cannot elect people with any kind of allegiance.

Replace Deb ‘Bankrupt’ Lindsay

3 thoughts on “Replace Deb ‘Bankrupt’ Lindsay

  1. The City needs a mayor and council who think like the “Good Old Boys” — people whose first priorities are the best interests of the City and its citizens. I think people like that could turn things around — get the City off the road to ruin and headed in the right direction. I think you, Mr. Sysop, would be an excellent candidate, and you need to find others who think like you.

  2. I would find it fun to be the cranky curmudgeon on the panel spreading my “residents first” influence on all. Sorry that I have to work from 7 to 7 in order to make ends meet in P.G. and would not be able to dedicate enough time to the task.

  3. My opinion is they get the job so they can get some permit through that would make them a lot of money. Remember that so-called environmentalist council person who applied to get water for her house? Got water permits through for enough people to build two 5,500 sq ft. mansions on the pristine virgin dunes @ Arena & Sunset.

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