Nader Agha Caught By Counterfeit Coin Scam

Greedy coin dealer gets soaked. This is the same developer that wants to turn Holmans into a giant hotel. One could ponder the kind of labor he would hire to build it.

Peninsula developer Nader Agha, also a rare-coin dealer and owner of the Coin & Treasure Shoppe on Alvarado Street, last week purchased what he thought were three mint-condition U.S. Morgan Silver Dollar coins for $4,500 from a man who said he’d found them in an abandoned storage locker in Hollister. The silver dollars are generally regarded as one of the most popular precious coins among investors.

Nader Agha Caught By Counterfeit Coin Scam

2 thoughts on “Nader Agha Caught By Counterfeit Coin Scam

  1. It doesn’t make in the least bit sad that Agha got taken.
    Didn’t Holman’s do the same thing a while back, trying to pass off a reproduction clock. That my friends, is kharma, at its finest.

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