Pollacci Rape Trial: Victim 3

Hear-old wrote that Defense Attorney Andy Lui wanted her arrested and brought to court to testify. Is that right?

The woman was subpoenaed to testify early Tuesday, but did not appear. Investigators testified she was angry about how she was treated at the preliminary hearing in the 1992 case.

Investigator Adam Sepegan said the woman felt Pollacci’s defense attorney made her out to be a “whore” on cross-examination and the prosecutor had done nothing to defend her.

The woman testified in 1992 that she believed Pollacci drugged her after he brought her home from a first date at Rocky Point Restaurant. She was angry he drank a large amount of alcohol and suggested that he should go home, but he walked her into her apartment.

She told police she got a glass of water and went to her bedroom to change. When she came out, she drank some of the water, she said. She testified she awoke the next morning thinking she was having a dream, only to realize Pollacci engaged in sex with her.

Pollacci Rape Trial: Victim 3