Tommy Pollacci's Day In Court Pushed Away – Down The Stairs

Tom Pollacci

The defense attorney for a Pebble Beach man charged with raping an unconscious woman said he has two experts who believe the alleged victim was injured when she fell, not during an attack.

Andy Liu plans to argue at trial that Thomas Pollacci had consensual sex with the woman and brought her to Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula after she sustained a severe head injury in a fall.

That trial, which was to have begun Monday, was continued to March 22 because the prosecutor needed time to review reports by a forensic pathologist and a biomechanical engineering professor hired by Liu.

Are we for some reason here drifting away from the REAL reason Tommy is in this situation? Rape. RAPE. The trial is for rape.

Tommy Pollacci’s Day In Court Pushed Away – Down The Stairs

2 thoughts on “Tommy Pollacci's Day In Court Pushed Away – Down The Stairs

  1. What a trip! I’ve known this guy from the liquor store in PG for years. He asked me out but being that he’s only about 4’2″, I had to turn him down. I could also sense something about him that didn’t set right with me. Always follow your gut instincts…, and stay true to your height requirements too!

  2. I am 10 years younger than Tommy, and he raped me when I was VERY VERY young !!! THROW THE FN BOOK AT HIM AND THROW AWAY THE KEY !!! ENOUGH SAID !! (EXCERPT, EVERY DOG HAS HIS DAY!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !!!)

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