Mayor Quits!

Dan Cort Bailin Like Palin


another political twist as Mayor Dan Cort has announced his intent to resign. It comes after the kick-off for a grassroots recall campaign on Tuesday.

Cort was re-elected as Mayor in November. According to a letter he wrote, he will resign effective August 31st. He calls the current situation a “negative environment” and the actions by his opponents “intimidating.”

His two page letter also addresses the bigger picture for the city. “I do not believe it is in the best interest of the City and it’s citizens, to spend the next six to twelve months distracted by a recall effort,” says Cort.

The two man group speaking out in the recall campaign is activist David Dilworth and former council member Terrence Zito. Coincidentally, Dilworth also ran for a seat on the city council in November. He was not elected.

Mayor Quits!