The People Speak Their Minds About David Dilworth

Comments on the Hear-Old article left by readers on the Internet.

David Dilworth is the laughing stock of PG.

Mr. Mayor, please reconsider your resignation. We need you to help steer the city through this crisis.

You have the full support of the majority of PG residents.

Please don’t let the door hit you on the way out, Dan Cort!

MAYBE Morrie Fisher can become the “temporary” mayor while they’re hunting for a replacement for Mayor Dan. After all, Morrie is over-qualified as one of the “good ol’ boys” of Pacific Grove.

Dilworth is an IDIOT!!!!!! IF he goes for mayor of PG, and wins….look out folks, he’ll make things a whole lot worse around here!


Yeah. Nice. The Bulletin comes out with a hit piece on the same counsel members on the same day. Good call PG Bulletin. Maybe you can can get them all to resign and reinstate the load of buffoons that got PG into this mess in the first place. Good luck with that guys. You’ll be know as America’s Broke Hometown. Since all the Butterflies are gone, I guess you work with what you’ve got, huh?

Perhaps Ted Hollister, who ran against Dan Cort in the last election, should consider throwing his hat in the ring. Considering he was a late write-in candidate, he garnered a lot of votes.

There aren’t too many qualified people to hold the position. This is Pacific Grove, after all…

Just A Thought
Crete, NE
Sounds like extortion to me. Dilworth sounds like he needs some time in the mental health system.

The People Speak Their Minds About David Dilworth