Pollacci To Stand Trial For Rape

Tom Pollacci


After hours sitting in front of a judge Friday, Tom Pollacci of Pebble Beach will stand trial on charges of rape.

His family owns Ron’s Liquor store on Lighthouse Ave. in Pacific Grove. Pollacci is accused of raping an unconscious woman back in April of 2008.

Pollacci could face a maximum sentence of eight years in prison.

He’ll be back in court at the end of this month. Pollacci is out on bail.

From the Hear-Old:

McGuirk testified she (Jane Doe #5) told him that one morning as she was getting ready for high school, there was a knock on her door. She answered and found Pollacci and another man, who threw her over his shoulders in her bathrobe and forced her into Pollacci’s car.

They drove her to the river in mid-Carmel Valley. The other man, whom she did not know, held her down while Pollacci raped her, she said.
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Another woman said Pollacci, a friend of her ex-husband, raped her in her home during an unannounced visit more than 20 years ago. Another said he tried to rape her in the parking lot of the Highlands Inn after a luncheon date in 1992. That woman did report her assault to police, and Pollacci pleaded guilty to sexual battery.

Pollaci To Stand Trial For Rape