Tom Pollacci Appears In Court

Let’s all feel sorry..

Pollacci was accompanied to his arraignment Tuesday by defense investigator Richard Lee, who wrote a presentence report in the 1993 case describing Pollacci as a spoiled, self-centered man who was guilty of being presumptuous and using poor judgment, but who did not realize he was having sex without consent. According to the report, Pollacci told Lee that he had come to realize through therapy that he never learned any “boundaries” in his life.

“He says, quite frankly, that he was ‘spoiled’ and has long conducted himself as able to do pretty much whatever he pleases.”

Tom Pollacci Appears In Court

9 thoughts on “Tom Pollacci Appears In Court

  1. Wow, that sure is a spin on “it is my parents’ fault” that I never heard before.

  2. Common decency dictates the we leave David, Rona, Ron Sr. and anyone else in the extended family out of this dialogue. Qweeker

  3. [IMG][/IMG]

  4. I was assulted by Pollacci in 1986, at Ron’s Liquors in Carmel. Fortunately, for me, I was able to push him down (he tried to get me upstairs in the store)and got away. He did the same thing to my girlfriend. He deserves everything he gets. (PRISON!) Hopefully.

  5. ok Lori
    why come out now…. now you want to be heard…. too bad no one is listing 23 years ya think you had enough time to say something

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