Pollacci’s Prior Convictions

Sexual battery. Sees judge today.

Tom Pollacci

The affidavits list Pollacci’s prior convictions, which include battery in 1985, loitering on private property in 1990 and the two counts of sexual battery in 1993.

That case involved alleged separate rapes of two women, one of whom said she was possibly drugged and awoke to find Pollacci assaulting her.

The woman said Pollacci had brought her home from a first date at Rocky Point Restaurant. She was angry that he’d consumed a considerable amount of alcohol and suggested that he should go home, but he walked her into her apartment.

She told police she got a glass of water and went to her bedroom to change. When she came out she drank some of the water. She awoke the next morning thinking she was having a dream, only to realize it was real.

The second case involved a woman who said Pollacci sexually assaulted her in the parking lot of the Highlands Inn after the two had lunch, also on their first date.

Pollacci’s Prior Convictions

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  1. Tom is a good guy……I like his horse….I just wish that he would stop rap… I wish he would give it a brake!!!

  2. First of all let me say that I have always found Tom to be an enjoyable and personable man. As far as his criminal defense and the reputation of the the family store, those have gone by the wayside. I don’t think Tom can get a fair trial here, or in Santa Cruz, or San Benito, etc. I hope Tom mends his ways. It is time for healing,nobody deserves to be raped. Vincent.

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