Bad Teachers Cry Over Pink Slips

The state Department of Education estimates that by Friday, 26,000 school workers will have received preliminary pink slips, more than twice as many job warnings as were issued last year.

Because of California’s less-than-rosy economic outlook, K-12 schools are trying to absorb more than $8 billion in state funding cuts.

Many, if not most, of the jobs could be saved by June if voters approve a spending package in a special election in May. Federal stimulus money could also help.

Federal Stimulus Money – fancy buzzword for MORE OF MY TAX DOLLARS after more of my tax dollars.

I’d willingly support better wages for California teachers – if they would do their job.

Why do California teachers have the highest wage in the country . . .
Teacher Salaries

and the 47th place in success?
Smartist State

Certify and drug test the teachers!

Bad Teachers Cry Over Pink Slips

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  1. Go look on and you can see the starting salary of the teaching jobs around here – about $37,000 and about $4000 a year is deducted for your health benefits. It’s not as great as you make it appear and it takes about 5 years to get up to a decent living wage. You work about 50 hours a week.

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