eBay Find – Bob’s Liquors Ashtray

“Bread Milk Ice Cream”

Looks a lot like the current Bottles N’ Bins at 898 Lighthouse Ave. I can’t make out the address in the photo but the phone number confirms it. The old FRontier 5-5488 (got to love the simple times of the 60s) is the number for Bottles N’ Bins Liquors.

Starting bid – $14.99 ow!
Bobs Liquor Ash Tray

Today’s view:
Bobs Liquor Today

2 thoughts on “eBay Find – Bob’s Liquors Ashtray

  1. Very cool, to think they’ve kept the same number all of these years! When I was a kid, in the late sixties, it was Jack’s Liquors. Based on the exchange name usage I’m guessing it was Bob’s Liquors well before I was around to take notice of such things.

    By the way, here’s an interesting site re phone exchange names, it mentions that exchange name usage in SF was dropped in 1963.


    Does anyone remember when it went out of usage here on the peninsula? I suppose a search through old phone books (Monterey Library use to keep them) could shed some light.

    I always remember our phone only having the exchange numbers on it (375) and that’s how I learned it. A neighbor however had the FR5 (FRontier 5) exchange info on their dial.

  2. My grandparents had FR2-6358, I had to memorize it in first grade, mid sixties. When the family moved out of their house around ’67 the phone we got was a 375 number, but there was no FRontier on the dial.

    Remember dialing a Seaside 394 (What would that be EYeball-4?) number and noticing that the ring sound was oddly different from any other? Seaside – always being singled out. . .

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