Lighthouse Avenue Going One Way?

City council approved it. It’s not too bad for the average Pacific Grove commuter, but what’s to gain by making one of the 3 lanes an HOV lane. Taking out two lanes of parking and not replacing it, I can see why business people are against the one-way.

The age old suggestions of opening up Hawthorne is absent, as is widening Holman Highway.

Lighthouse Ave Traffic

Converting Lighthouse Avenue from four-lane, two-way traffic to three-lane, one-way southbound traffic between David Avenue and Private Bolio Road. The right lane would be reserved for buses, carpools and other high-occupancy passenger vehicles.

· Keeping Foam Street one-way northbound, but eliminating parking on the east, or ocean side, to provide three lanes of traffic rather than the current two lanes. Parking would have to be replaced, Deal said.

· Adding a southbound right-turn lane at Private Bolio Road to accommodate cars entering the Presidio of Monterey.

· Restoring two-way traffic on Dickman Avenue.

· Widening David Avenue at Lighthouse to provide additional turn lanes from Foam to David.

· Making Hoffman Avenue one-way westbound between Foam and Lighthouse to accommodate vehicles leaving the Cannery Row parking garage.

Members of the public who spoke at the meeting generally supported Alternative 6, with its bus lane. But two spokesmen for area businesses, John Narigi of the New Monterey and Old

Monterey business associations and Frank Donangelo of the Cannery Row Co. and Foursome Development, said it would be more practical to widen Lighthouse and keep it two-way.

Lighthouse Avenue Going One Way?