Show Kristin Hughes Some Potential Pain

On the day the U.S. Supreme Court heard lawyers argue over the potential pain caused by the drug cocktail used in lethal injections, McMahan was thinking about the way her daughter died.

On Sept. 7, 1989, 31-year-old Kim Hickman was moving out of her Pacific Grove apartment when she was attacked and sexually assaulted by Kristin William Hughes, then 28.

At Hughes’ trial the next year, McMahan suffered through evidence showing that her “absolutely vibrant, beautiful daughter” survived 11 stabs to the chest and neck and died only after Hughes strangled her with his hands and suspenders.

Nineteen years – too long.

Show Kristin Hughes Some Potential Pain

1 thought on “Show Kristin Hughes Some Potential Pain

  1. I support the death penalty. And I totally agree that the man who committed this murder deserves to be executed. Unfortunately, in this case, I believe they have the wrong man.

    Hughes had three prior convictions, all burglaries, no sex crimes, and no violence. For this type of crime, he would actually have been a better suspect if he had no criminal record whatsoever.

    I believe Kim Hickman was actually murdered by Richard Stanley, the man Hughes had been drinking with the night before. I further believe Richard Stanley deliberately left Hughes’ suspender around the victim’s throat, in order to implicate Hughes.

    I do believe Hughes was present while the murder was being committed, but that he may have been under some kind of duress himself. If Hughes witnessed the murder being committed by someone else, why didn’t he say so? I believe Richard Stanley gave Hughes a date rape drug, in order to deliberately induce a blackout.

    I would very much like to have the Hickman family assist me in rectifying this matter.

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