Meters To Feat

Moe – you can drive the shoppers away, but the owners and employees will still be there, taking up all the choice parking. Get busy and woo some commerce to the town that people will flock to meters or no meters.

1/8/08, Town Hall meeting agenda

James Becklenberg, city director of management and budget, said the budget needs to be pared by $2.6 million to keep the city solvent. Its financial reserves in December were down to $800,000, and the city should maintain a reserve of $2.6 million to cover emergencies.

Becklenberg has proposed expanding parking meters on Central Avenue, Ocean View Boulevard, Lovers Point and city parking lots in the downtown area, reaping an estimated $495,000 in extra revenue, and discontinuing the annual card rate at the golf course, which Becklenberg said would add $40,000 this fiscal year and $190,000 during the 2008-09 fiscal year. He also suggested increasing permit and planning fees.

But the Chamber-Of_Moe begs:

At 6 p.m. on Jan. 23, the Pacific Grove City Council will consider installation of parking meters or pay stations downtown and on Central Avenue. Meters increase the cost of doing business, create an inconvenience to shoppers and drive customers to free parking destinations. More important, meters affect adjacent residential neighborhoods and change the character of the town. Small businesses have to compete with the big-box operations, corporate shopping centers and the Internet, where there are no obstacles such as meters.

No Meters

Meters To Feat

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