P.G. Chamber Of Commerce – What’s Your Job?

The Pacific Grove Chamber of Commerce has launched three fundraising campaigns for various projects throughout the city:

• Furnish the teacher’s lounge at Pacific Grove Middle School.

• Funds for the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary for more trees in the center of the sanctuary and a new drip irrigation system<

• Funds to assess the antiquated streetlights on Candy Cane Lane that require special and expensive maintenance.

All noble causes. But shouldn’t the COC be working to bring some commerce to town? They are out begging for $$ while storefronts remain empty.

PG Chamber Of Commerce – What’s Your Job?

1 thought on “P.G. Chamber Of Commerce – What’s Your Job?

  1. If you get a new business & become a member, you’re asked to volunteer FREE services or products. Not doing so takes you off the referral lists.
    We pay them $105,000+ per year, yet business has been dropping more than 1.5% per year for 6 years. Who would want to buy a mutual fund that had interest rates like that?

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