Monterey Fireworks Barge Beached

A large ocean swell wreaked havoc in Monterey Harbor on Wednesday night, dislodging Monterey’s fireworks barge and four boats from their moorings.

The barge, known as Sparky, had been anchored in the water just off Del Monte Beach, on the east side of Monterey Municipal Wharf No. 2. It broke free despite being secured by a “double-anchor, fail-safe system,” said Scheiblauer.

Mother nature knows nothing is failsafe.
Beached Barge 1

Beached Barge 2

UPDATE – Barge pushed & pulled back out to sea.

The city used an 85-foot commercial fishing boat owned by the Pennisi family combined with contractor Steve Wendt’s bulldozer to refloat the 60-ton beached barge.

Scheiblauer did not have the total cost tallied on Tuesday, but he estimated the bill to be up to $7,000.

Barge Afloat

Monterey Fireworks Barge Beached