Business Slow? Blame The Parked Cars

From the Minutes of the Traffic Commission – November 14, 2006

A group of students from Monterey Peninsula College are developing a marketing plan for four (4) businesses on the west side of Grand Avenue between Lighthouse Ave. and Central Ave. They have observed large vehicles parking all day long in front of these establishments which blocks sight distance to the businesses. Passing vehicles on Grand Avenue have difficulty seeing the stores because of parked vehicles.

Large vehicles parked all day? So the two hour limit is not enforced there either.
So one idea is to extend your store signage to the street, just like Ariana Cafe once did.Parking Art Works

Or get the city to make the spaces in front of your business ‘loading zones’. Works for Victorian Corner.
Parking Victorian Corner Chevy 080501
Or join the sandwich board club.

Sidewalk Sign Bijouterie

Is it the parked cars? No I think these kinds of shops belong in Carmel anyway. Business success means selling an item or service that people want. Do people come to PG for the Carmel experience?

Business Slow? Blame The Parked Cars