Tsunami Hotline – Seismologists Are Standing By

\Cornered Tsunami hot line

Of all the Monterey Peninsula cities, Monterey would suffer the greatest inflow of seawater in the event of a tsunami, although the swells would also inundate areas of Pacific Grove, Carmel, Seaside and Pebble Beach.

The changes from the 2009 maps and the ones just released by the California Geological Survey, part of the state Department of Conservation, aren’t dramatically different, but varied enough to add warnings to new areas of the city.

“They have increased the map area by several blocks in the downtown area, to the west and south,” said Nat Rojanasathira, Monterey’s assistant city manager.
For example, the new maps show warning areas coming all the way up to Pacific Street covering more of the Old Monterey area, passing over the top of Fremont Street at Abrego Street, surrounding the Naval Postgraduate School and now reaching all the way to Highway 1 along Camino Aguajito.

And in Seaside, the area already susceptible to both sea-level rise and tsunami threats along Laguna del Rey has been expanded into neighboring residential areas by a few blocks.

In Pacific Grove, the new maps cover neighborhoods inland of Ocean View Boulevard all the way up to Surf Avenue and then continuing down along Sunset Avenue. In Pebble Beach, the maps show portions of 17-Mile Drive potentially underwater, including Spanish Bay,

Tsunami Hotline – Seismologists Are Standing By